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I'm sure you've seen it and it's something that always has people wondering. That one word at the end of a product's ingredient label that leaves you with a question mark floating over your head... fragrance? Well, what is it exactly? Today I'm here to help you decode the mystery of what the term "fragrance" actually means! 

Let's break it down. "Fragrance" in common English is a noun used to refer to something that has an odor or smell, like the fragrance of a perfume or the fragrance of your favorite flower. Many people think that fragrance, when used as a description on a label, simply refers to the overall smell of a scent, so to the unsuspecting buyer it seems pretty harmless. However, when the term "fragrance" is specifically used as an ingredient on a product's label, it is used in it's scientific meaning and has a whole other definition all together! Tricky, I know. Fragrance as a scientific ingredient used on a product list is a key word for synthetic chemical compound or sometimes essential oils mixed with carrier oils and other synthetic chemicals. Basically, when you see "fragrance" in a home or body product, you can relate it to the term "flavoring" that is used in food (whether the flavoring in our food is natural or artificial, it has been processed and chemically manipulated in a lab; same with fragrances). 

In my opinion, the most deceptive part about the term fragrance is that in a lot of products if the chemical "fragrance" makes up a small enough percentage of the overall ingredient list, the company never has to fully disclose what is being used to create their scents! It is also the case that a lot of these small percentages of the products aren't regulated by the FDA. So your favorite Pumpkin Spice candle that you insist on burning all year long (yes, I'm talking to you) could be filled with really harmful and damaging chemicals - and is definitely not made from real pumpkin spice extract.   

This is one of the reasons why there has been so much controversy over whether it is safe to use fragrance oils in things like candles, that we burn and end up ingesting and breathing into our bodies. When the public isn't made aware of what the chemicals are or what is in their products to begin with, there isn't much research that can be done on how these chemical additives may affect our health or the environment. Have you every heard of someone getting massive headaches or feeling even nauseous when they burn certain candles in their home? Well, fragrance oils are probably part of the reason why!

Here at Ahimsa Essentials Candle Co. we are 100% committed to using all-natural products that are proven to be healthy and safe. That means we only use essential oils to create our one of a kind scents, no "fragrance" oils, carrier oils, or chemical additives whatsoever! Just pure soy wax and essential oils. With our simple ingredient lists (each product contains 5 ingredients or less) we always allow you to make the best, most informed choice possible when choosing the candle scents you want to have filling your home.

Well, I hope I haven't scared you too much! I believe that being informed is the best way to take control of how and where you spend your money because it allows you to take into account your values and the values of a brand before you support a company by purchasing their products. If anything, I hope this post has given you something to think about and armed you with information you will be able to confidently take action with. Whether that be reading your home and body care product labels more carefully when making purchases at the store or noticing how many things in your pantry have hidden synthetic chemicals added to them, my hope is that you are inspired and that you stay engaged and involved in your product consumption so you can make the best choices for yourself!


Love and light,

Amanda Rae    

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  • So interesting and good to know! Who would have thought that all those “fake” scents could actually be harmful! I love my Ahimsa candles and it makes me feel better knowing that they are all natural and of course made from the heart ;)


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