Our Story

Ahimsa Essentials Candle Co. was founded by Amanda Rae Mayo in the summer of 2016 as a dream to create universal access to beautiful, local, and environmentally friendly handmade goods at an affordable price. "Ahimsa" is the Sanskrit word taught through yogic, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions used to describe the ethical principle of "non-violence" and the conscious consideration humans should have for all living things. After graduating from college, Amanda spent the summer in rural Bali, Indonesia working in government mental health facilities and special needs schools where she learned about many traditional Balinese, Buddhist, and Hindu forms of medicine and spiritual healing practices. Living in Bali, immersed in a culture that was so poor and underprivileged and still totally self-sustaining was humbling and surprisingly easy for Amanda to adapt to and was a way of life she had never experienced before. She embraced the simple freedom of living only off of what was available in her local village and learned how closely connected people in the communities became when they had to rely on each other. Upon returning home, Amanda was determined to bring the simple and self-sufficient ways of living she had learned from the Balinese people back to Seattle with her and to share it with her community. From there, the idea of Ahimsa Essentials Candle Co. was sprung and Amanda decided that what she would create for her community would be candles made with the most natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly products she could find.  

After countless hours of researching and test burning, we are so proud to bring to you the first Ahimsa Essentials Candle Co. Signature Scents collection. These are local, hand crafted and hand poured, 100% soy wax candles made with pure essential oils. By only using repurposed, second hand, and donated containers, Ahimsa Essentials Candle Co. candles reduces the amount of toxins created and spread throughout your home and the environment, something that no other candle company on the market can offer. Thank you for supporting us on our mission of making one small change that will make a world of difference. We are so excited and grateful that you have chosen us to turn your candle obsession into a guilty-free pleasure!