1. What made you want to make candles versus making bracelets or other items?

I've always really loved burning candles and having my home smell nice and yummy. Over the past year or so I have also really expanded my use of essential oils. While I was exploring all of the options of things I could hand make and sell, jewelry was definitely one of them but it seemed like everywhere I looked someone I knew was making jewelry and I wanted to create something that was going to be unique without having a ton of competition. In the end, I decided on candles because it was something I had never done before and was really excited to learn about and I had an idea that when I looked around at the market - no one else was doing! Lots of people reuse jars in their homes and make crafts with them, but there aren't any candle companies using it as a platform for their business.    

2. Where do you get your jars from?

All over! Garage sales, thrift stores, second hand stores, by donation, and from my own home when I am done using them in my cupboard or refrigerator.

3. What do you use for your fragrances?

I use pure essential oils, which are the oils that are extracted directly from the flowers and plants themselves through steam distillation. They aren't chemically enhanced or modified, which is why they have a more mild smell and limited selection than the fragrance oils that other candle companies use. I chose to only use essential oils because although burning them degrades their therapeutic properties and leaves you with a more mild smell, I decided that I would rather sell natural and more mild smelling candles than ones that release chemical toxins into your home by using lab-created scents. 

4. What does "ahimsa" mean and why did you choose that name for your company?

I originally learned about the moral virtue of ahimsa or "non-violence" while in Bali taking workshops on traditional medicine in Indonesia and studying yoga. As a practiced way of living, yoga is built on the structure of eight limbs; ethical disciplines, rules of conduct, body postures, breathing exercises, control of the senses, concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness, devotion, meditation, and contemplation. "Ahimsa" falls under the limb of ethical disciplines and universal morality and literally means not to injure or show cruelty to any living thing. It really is so much more than a definition though and in yoga is thought of as truly a moral value that extends conscious awareness and increases the happiness and pureness of life. When ahimsa is lived fully, it is compassion and thoughtful consideration exuded in every word, every action, every thought, and every interaction with all people and all things. I chose "Ahimsa Essentials Candle Co." as the name of my business because I was immediately drawn to the word and felt extremely connected to the meaning. Ahimsa embodies everything I am working so hard to create with my company for myself and for the people around me; thoughtful and conscious consideration of the environment, care and thought for what we put into our bodies, and I am creating an opportunity for others to support a local business that is making daily and conscious effort to be connected to the environment and be connected to them as a consumer of my products. I care about what you breathe into your system and I want to provide you with the best. Ahimsa is an integral and essential part of how we live our lives as human beings, and I wanted to share the love I have for it as a guiding principle with you all!